IntelliSuite software
Device level
Can be static, dynamic and transient and frequency domain under different types, static electricity, machinery, hot - machine - electrically coupled fluid-solid interaction and analysis.More>>
Technology level
Combination of materials, layout and process flow, create components of 3 d virtual model, output to the TEM module are analyzed.More>>
System level
Applied to many fields of multi-scale MEMS and nanotechnology system level design tool, is effective for CMOS - MEMS devices, integrated circuit design... More>>
Modeling tools
Senior landscape design tools are: edit module, the design rule checking tools, 3 d modeling module and meshing tools.More>>
One-stop MEMS solution
IntelliSense company launched in the 1990 s professional IntelliSuite MEMS design software, for the customer to do all kinds of MEMS devices are designed and developed, including the layout design, process simulation, device level more than physical field coupling analysis, and system level MEMS - IC joint simulation. Our professional MEMS design software with a strong...More>>